I work at home and have been having trouble with my broadband, despite my broadband provider offering prompt customer care in an attempt to fix it. The latest suggestion was an Ethernet cable.In order to shut the office door I had to pass the cable beneath the door and the simplest way I decided was a small hole in the corner of the carpet to reduce the bulk and enable the cable to pass through.

Simple I thought, however my partner cut the hole in the wrong place and whilst cutting the carpet also cut his knuckle on the other hand! The finger bandaged, and the hole elongated meant the cable could be transferred successfully. However the carpet had been yanked so forcible it had come away from the grip between rooms, but with the aid of a knife to slot it in place all was returned to order. A bit like the song where one disaster leads to another!

My partner went off to play squash with a reminder to take spare plasters as it was a nasty cut. Of course he didn't and returned later with blood stains all over his clothes. Clothes in soak and wearing fresh clothes he left to meet his friends in the pub, however he put the plaster on so tightly his finger turned blue and he had to remove it, spending the evening with a bloody finger!

A helping hand that turned into a nightmare! (Do some men remain lovable little boys forever?)

Anyway why do I need a cable into the office? I have an internet business which means I can work anywhere. We winter in the sun, having bought a house in Spain, our summers we spend in a mobile home in the English countryside when it is too hot for us in Spain.

Have you ever wished you could work at home with time and location freedom, and the flexibility it gives you? Imagine warm sunny beaches all winter.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest starting point online as with the guidance of a coach and mentor who provides products and training and commissions as you make sales. The products are professionally prepared in a range to suit your customers needs, the training formula is precise and has worked for others before you. This reduces the risk and the stress of not knowing what to do next and banishes information overload. You can also join a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

So start earning whilst you are learning some new skills and make affiliate marketing your new part-time venture until it grows to provide your desired income. There are many millionaires in the industry and many part-timers the choice is yours.

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