To provide your hotel guests with the comfort you should buy hotel slippers for them. In addition to ensuring that the guests are comfortable, the slippers also aid in protecting your hotel floor from damage.

Types of hotel slippers

There are many types of hotel slippers in the market that you can go for. The most common being:

Flip-flops: They are the most common. In fact, when you ask someone to give you slippers, these are the ones that they will bring you. Most of the flip-flops are made from rubber but there are a few that are made from leather and other materials. The units come in different sizes and designs. All you need to do is choose the ones that are ideal for you. When making the purchase you should go for rubber slippers as the guests can wear them while relaxing and also in the shower. In the shower, the units protect the guests from dirt and slipping.

Slip-on: Also known as loafers, these are traditional men slippers. From their name, these units require you to slip them on. They are usually warm and the guests can wear them anywhere in the hotel area.

Moccasins: While most of the moccasins are designed for outdoor use, there are some that are designed as house slippers. The units feature a soft leather bottom or suede. Some have a shoe like sole.

Novelty slippers: They are known as the funny slippers as they are made to resemble different products or animals. Some are designed to resemble computer keyboards, others frogs, and others elephants. Others have a serious look on them where instead of resembling an animal or item, they have logos used to identify certain products. If you have settled on investing in these units you should consider getting customized slippers that have the logo of your hotel.

Step-in slippers: Also known as boots or booties, these units provide total coverage of your foot. Some extend up to your ankle resembling a short boot. The slippers come in different designs. There are some that are made of fabric, others have a boiled wool upper, while others resemble socks. You only need to choose the right one for your guests.


These are some of the different types of slippers that you can buy for your hotel guests. When buying the units consider the type of guests that you are targeting. If you are targeting professionals on official duty you should go with the regular types of units but if you are targeting young and interesting people, you should give your hotel a trendy look by going with the novelty slippers.