I mention quite often in my articles key factors like high inflation, over taxation, and a deficit in our national budget. This all equals to my assumption money has no real value anymore. Here is my logic behind the statement.

Even a person with a family having household income of $50,000 are in serious debt. It begins with the government taking around $14,000 directly off their paychecks. Then anything a person buys the 13% consumer taxes on purchases made, or as we call it H.S.T, removing anther $4,600 off an individual's income. The purchasing power for someone earning fifty-thousand yearly is around $31,400, or $2,600/month. A family of four with teenagers spends approximately a thousand/month on groceries, and based on national averages a $1,000 in housing. How far does a six-hundred dollar balance go? Is it any wonder the average Canadian family is a hundred-thousand in debt? Even worse the millions who make in that minimum wage realm of earning are bigger trouble. Their kids need to eat and have shelter too.

Inflation is off the rails, what we could purchase for a dollar in the seventies, is now 4 times the amount for the same things. That would be fine if the balance was right between earnings and inflation. Using this ideology a person who earned $50,000 in the seventies would need to make $200,000 today. I highly doubt people paid 50% deductions at source, but this would leave the $100,000 which might work for a decent lifestyle.

It is pretty sad when we think a low-income minimum wage family can't really afford junk food like MacDonald's. Forty hours at minimum wage nets approximately $374, so taking their family of four for fast food costing about $45.00, and requires 5 hours working time is not feasible. It is actually 12% of their net weekly income just to eat junk food really!

I believe the only way to give money value again is by our government investing in manufacturing here, and saying good-bye to free trade. Our socialistic ways is not working anymore. Time to stop being a service country but a manufacturing one again providing jobs, increasing wages because of being able to export products, and yes start using our natural resources as before to stimulate the economy through revenues. In doing so money coming into the country means more people working, less on system, and no reason not to reduce taxation.

I think we can't afford to support foreign people, as we are having enough trouble presently supporting ourselves in Canada. Maybe we should also stop bowing down to the environmentalists because we can't afford to save the world. These disposal taxes on electronics, emission tests on our cars, or above property taxes for garbage removal is killing our budgets. We need to survive now, and the average citizen doesn't have the means to worry 50-100 years down the road. Did our parents or grandparents, they were actually left alone to enjoy their lives. I believe all those fees and taxes are a money grab anyways, not changing much environmentally.

How come it was possible earlier in the last century for one working person in household to support a family, save money, put their kids through school, go on vacation, and save for retirement? The best part not be in a lifetime of debt. If we want our money to gain value again, we need to leave more of it in Canadians pockets, and pay our fair share taxes but not be fleeced because they are failing in raising our economy.