All these Islamic dynasties flourished in different periods of time. The kings and Sultans of Egypt have competed to beautify Egypt, each with his own contribution. The result was a large collection of quite remarkable mosques and various Islamic establishments including the Mosque of Al Hakim, Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Aas, Mosque of Mohamed Ali, Mosque of Al Azhar, Mosque of Sultan Hassan, and many more that are often included in some travel packages to Egypt.

Perhaps, only a few kings of Egypt paid proper attention to other cities around Egypt. However, some of these cities host other notable historical mosques. A few of the travelers who tour Egypt, especially those who are interested in the Islamic history and architecture are usually keen to visit such monuments. Today we would point out two of these interesting constructions around Egypt that are considered hidden treasures.

The Mosque of Mursi Abu El Abbas in Alexandria

The Mosque of Abu El Abbas El Mursi, or El Mursi Abu El Abbas is one of the oldest and most famous historical mosques situated in Alexandria, the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea often visited by several tourists who travel to Egypt.

The mosque in fact contains the mausoleum of Abu El Abbas El Mursi, one of the Islamic preachers who lived in Alexandria in the 13th century. When he passed away, one of the rich tradesmen of the city constructed him this mosque and mausoleum.

However, the mosque we view today is a result of many remonstrations and renovations. The first was in the 15th and 16th century by the Mamluks. In fact, the mosque we factually admire today was constructed in 1943. The mosque is featured with its Andalusian style of architecture and outlines that we rarely view in the land of the Nile. This is why many tours to Egypt that include a visit to Alexandria would usually contain a visit to the mosque even from outside to admire the decorations of the domes and the minarets.

Al Masjid Al Ateeq or the Ancient Mosque in Esna

The only fact tourists who visit Egypt know about Esna is that this is where the Nile Lock is located. This is where Nile Cruise ships, and other boats of course, pass from a large water dam going from a lower level of the water to a higher level. However, the city hosts quite an interesting mosque.

The Emari Mosque was constructed in the 11th century during the period of Al Montasser Bellah, the Fatimid Sultan of Egypt at the time.

Although the mosque has been reconstructed many times throughout history, the minaret is original and it is considered one of the oldest in Egypt and would provide a wonderful example of the Fatimid architecture for travelers who spend their holidays in Egypt. Some locals love to call this minaret the leaning Pisa tower of Egypt as it is slightly leaning due to its ancient construction date.

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