I think it is very important for you to know certain red flags that can help you determine if an opportunity is legit or just a complete waste of time. It is sad to say but I am going to say it.

So many people in the world go broke and end up losing everything they have worked for because of home business opportunities. Some people join these opportunities and prosper so they are not all bad. The difference between living happily ever after and suffering every month to keep your opportunity afloat is research and the right opportunity.

Some things to find out and do research on are the compensation plans associated with the opportunity and how long has the opportunity been in existence. You will also want to get a general opinion on the specific opportunity you want to join. Do not settle for three or four different opinions because that might not tell the whole story about the culture of the opportunity. Set a goal to find around two hundred opinions associated with the opportunity you want to join.

Here are some things to consider before getting involved in an opportunity

1. Find out the person you are working for and what is your core role in the company

If you do not know who you are working for and what is your role in the opportunity then it is probably a scam. Legit companies want you to know who they are and they want you to know where their headquarters is located.

2. Find out where the money is coming from

Ask yourself these series of questions. Is the product that you are about to sell of high quality? Who is the group of people who will buy this product from me? Is the price for the product I am selling reasonable? If I do a good job and sell products efficiently, what is my pay going to be? How long has this opportunity been alive? Is what I am doing legal?

If you ask yourself those start-up questions you should be fine.

3. Read the Ad

You must read the employment ad on the website of the opportunity you want to join. make sure that the ad is realistic and reasonable. One warning flag to note are dream-selling ads. Make sure the ad does not have sport cars or piles of cash to suggest the lifestyle you may live if you join the opportunity. Make sure to seek out any fake testimonials from people. In some cases, people are paid to say anything great about the company.