What do you look for in terms of climate, when you select a destination to take a vacation? Is a pleasant climate an attraction for you? Alternatively, do you look for interesting things to see and do, on your vacation? If you are looking for a place that has a cold climate, then let me tell you that Barcelona has mild winters and warn summers. The Troll-Paffen climate classification has shown that Barcelona has a warm temperate climate. Because of its location, this city receives no rainfall. What is more, winter is experienced only during December, January and February. This city is summer dominant with July and August being the warmest months.

Talking of the seasons in Barcelona, Spring season in Barcelona occurs between March to May and during this period, average daily temperatures reach 12 degrees Celsius, but by May temperatures reach a high of 17-18 degrees Celsius. However, during the month of May, evenings are invariably cooler. This compels tourists to get their shawls or woolens with them, when moving out of their hotels. You should expect at least 5-6 wet days during each month in spring. On other days, the sunshine breaks through the fog created because of the cooler temperatures. This fog is a result of the low temperatures hovering around 12 degree Celsius.

Summer season in Barcelona lasts during the months June, July and August. These also happen to be the peak months for tourism in Barcelona. During this period, the city becomes very crowded. In fact, in August, you will experience quite a crowd of tourists. The city's elevation and sea breezes make the weather in this city cooler than that in other Mediterranean resorts. This makes it an attractive destination during summer for tourists. Barcelona also has beaches, which hold watersports for connoisseurs. This is also another reason why summer is the favorite time to visit Barcelona. What is more, if you visit the city in summer, you will enjoy the city's architectural and cultural side and its vibrant street life.

Autumn in Barcelona is quite different. October happens to be one of the wettest months of the year when there is rainfall for 7 days in a year. Many music and food festivals in Barcelona occur during the autumn days. Thus, if you are a gourmet or a musician, the best time to visit Barcelona is from September to November. In September, visitors can also enjoy the spectacle of Catalan Day apart from other attractions of tourist interest. You will be surprised to know that October is the wettest month of the year, with rainfall occurring for 7 days a year.

Winters in Barcelona are cooler with temperatures hovering at 11 degrees Celsius during the day and around 4 degrees Celsius during nightfall. This season is excellent for taking a leisurely walk along the architecturally rich structures including the cathedral, the Gothic quarter and Gaudi's quirky architectural complex. It is said that you will receive 7 days of rainfall during each of the winter months. However, this fact is not proven yet. Thus, we can see that Barcelona is an attractive tourist destination what with its

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