Money, contrary to what people think is not a tool of trade, but of manipulation. Whereas barter is considered "outmoded" and "outdated" this was essentially the mode of trade until recently. Money came into existence because people considered it prudent to exchange, pebbles, trinkets and later gold coins, for the things they need.

Prior to money regulating people's lives, ancient societies could exist and live within their means, and only consumed what they needed, without any overconsumption or abuse of the environment.

Enter the Goldsmiths and Bankers

When goldsmiths entered the fray, they provided people with certificates, as proof that they were custodians of their gold. People then used the certificates to trade with each other, instead of actual gold coins. The goldsmiths cleverly became aware of this lag between gold deposits, and the actual calling up of gold and gold coins.

These goldsmiths then created "fake certificates", and loaned them at an interest rate, to anyone who recognized the "trading value" Thus money was born. These goldsmiths refined their operations and the banking system was born. The well known family, by the name of the Rotchilds, were merchants, who consolidated their banking businesses in this manner, and took their operations global.

These elite banking families, became, exceedingly wealthy, and could literally buy up governments. With the consolidation of their banking interests, they provided further, "fresh air money", as loans to governments and populations, at interest. The paper money that was created, was fake money but the repayment,was with real money earned by workers, and taxed by government.

Consumerist scams

Society is further scammed into a materialist culture, of "name brands" clothing, technology (apps, cell phones, tablets, "high living" and celeb worship.) These ego projects, create a huge demand, and compels people to buy things they can ill afford. "Easy" credit is then availed to secure these "trinkets", resulting in further debt slavery to the banks.

Personal Discipline

We have to avoid all these scams that are out to ruin us. As we can read the brief example, above of how money was created to enslave us. Let us craft our own path, by considering these options;

Unless it is a mortgage or vehicle finance, avoid all loans

Buy decent clothes, but no name brands, at half the price

Try to save 10% of money

Support small business, to create a sense of community

Invest in property, instead of a second or third vehicle

Learn to number crunch, and become financially savvy, or enlist the help of accountants

Accountants can assist you on evaluating "inflated interest" on goods purchased

Do not fall for "gadget/invention "promotions scams.

Opt for picnics or hikes, rather than outings at malls, you would spend less.

Do not invest, in products that offer returns higher than 20%

Refrain from Ponzi schemes, even if the promoters say "it's not a scheme", you wasting valuable time on products that do not work.

Plan your taxes, and only pay the minimum.